Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts



We present the soulful sounds of tradition and innovation in a non-audience performance of "Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts" held at the mini theater (black box theater) of the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater.
Performances in two forms – "classical" and "challenge for the new era" – are featured in a 30-minute video, touching on the history, the production process, and reflections on the performances.
You can also view the two performances in their entirety.

Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts "Kyogen"

Classical Kyogen Busu (The Delicious Poison)

Busu tells a humorous story of two servants who are told to stay away from a container filled with a poison called “busu”. Two young performers perform this renowned Kyogen play, that was adapted from the Shasekishu (Sand and Pebbles, a collection of Buddhist stories) compiled at Nagoya’s Choboji Temple.

Challenge Kyogen Booby

The setting for the classical Kyogen Busu is replaced with the present time. In the modern version, written by Matasaburo Nomura, the characters are played by the fathers of the two young performers in the classical version. This play was performed for the first time in Japan.

Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen和泉流野村派について

About the Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen

One of the three styles (Yamawaki, Nomura, Miyake) of the Izumi School, the Nomura Family performed Kyogen at various locations for the Owari Tokugawa family and Higo Hosokawa family throughout the Edo period (1776-1868). After the Meiji Restoration (1868), the school overcame the perils of earthquakes and wars and is the only school in the Kyogen world to be succeeded to Matasaburo Nobuhiro Nomura XIII without extinction or interruption. After the War, the headquarters was relocated to Nagoya, a place closely connected with the troupe.
Led by Matasaburo Nobuyuki Nomura XIV, the troupe performs, promotes, and teaches the art to a wide range of generations.

The Performers

Matasaburo Nomura XIV
Head of Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen

Matasaburo Nomura XIV is notable for his ambitious activities, including reviving the play, Urashima, for the first time in a century at his independent performance at the National Noh Theatre in 1999. He is also highly acclaimed in fields other than Kyogen, such as appearing in the 2003 Hollywood movie The Last Samurai and scripting and directing “Nature’s Wisdom Bag” performed at the EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan Opening Ceremony. He has achieved numerous awards including the FY 2013 Aichi Prefectural Art and Culture Encouragement Prize Culture Award.

Matasaburo Nomura XIV© Hiroshi Noguchi
Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen Website

Classical Kyogen Busu Performers

Shite (lead role) Taro Kaja
Nobutaka Nomura
Ado (supporting role) Master
Takayuki Noguchi
Ado (supporting role) Jiro Kaja
Kenichiro Okutsu
Koken (stage hand) Toru Fujinami

Challenge Kyogen Booby Performers

Adaptation, screenplay, direction
Matasaburo Nomura XIV
Shite (lead role) Private Taro
Matasaburo Nomura
Ado (supporting role) Defense Corps Commander
Takayuki Noguchi
Ado (supporting role) Private Jiro
Kenichiro Okutsu


  • Nagoya Future Culture College, Yamada Gakuen
  • Costume Producer Ikuko Kato
  • TFC CO., LTD
  • Planning Room Tarm LLC Tazuko Yamashita
  • Sojitz Fashion Co., Ltd.
  • befopsy Kana Yamamoto

Narrator: Kirk Nishikawa