Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts



We present the soulful sounds of tradition and innovation in a non-audience performance of "Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts" held at the mini theater (black box theater) of the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater.
Performances in two forms – "classical" and "challenge for the new era" – are featured in a 30-minute video, touching on the history, the production process, and reflections on the performances.
You can also view the two performances in their entirety.

Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts "Koto"

"Rokudan no Shirabe", "Nihon no Kokorone"

The beautiful mind of Japan is expressed with music as Tamiko Asai’s koto is accompanied by a shakuhachi, violin, and harp in the famous "Rokudan no Shirabe" and "Nihon no Kokorone" (medley of songs).

Media Art of Japanese Tradition feat. Koto "Senbonzakura"

"Senbonzakura" is brought to you by a Japanese orchestra of Rie Asai’s koto accompanied by the fue (flute) and taiko (stick drums) with Aichi Tourism Virtual Supporter Kimino Miya.


About Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai

Since establishment in 1960, Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai made efforts to popularize and advance koto music and has attracted a wide range of age groups for its creative activities based on the classics. The group arranges traditional Japanese music in a modern way and is highly acclaimed for its active works, including overseas performances. The group received the FY 1993 Aichi Prefectural Art and Culture Encouragement Prize Culture Award (for groups).

The Performers

Tamiko Asai
Chairperson of Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai

Chairperson Tamiko Asai has performed not only in Japan but also in 32 countries overseas and presides over Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai, which is highly regarded as an international koto performance group. She is the grand mistress of the Ikuta school and received the FY 2018 Aichi Prefecture Award (Person of Educational Cultural Merit) and the FY 2019 Agency for Cultural Affairs Person of Cultural Merit Award.

Tamiko Asai

Rie Asai
Koto Artist

Koto artist Rie Asai studied koto and sanxian from her mother, Tamiko Asai. She is developing her activities globally, involved a wide variety of genres.

Rie Asai
Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai Website

"Rokudan no Shirabe", “Nihon no Kokorone” Performers

Tamiko Asai
Kinho Isomura
Kazuyo Tsuji
Naoko Kimura

Media Art of Japanese Tradition feat. Koto "Senbonzakura" Performers

Rie Asai
Song and Dance
Kimino Miya
(Aichi Tourism Virtual Supporter and VTuber)
Fue (flute)
Denzaburo Tanaka
Kotsuzumi (shoulder drum)
Rikuto Umeya
Hiroshi Yoshida

Narrator: Kirk Nishikawa