Traditional cultural activity emergency support project Gigei Seizui Esprit of Aichi Performing Arts

Performance Group
Kanze School of Noh
Kan-oh Hisada
Shitekata (Lead Role) of Kanze School of Noh
Performance Group
Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen
Matasaburo Nomura XIV
Head of Nomura Family of Izumi School Kyogen
Performance Group
Tamiko Asai
Chairperson of Soukyoku-Chikage-No-Kai
Rie Asai
Koto Artist
Performance Group
Nishikawa School
Kazumasa Nishikawa
4th Iemoto (Headmaster)
Performance Group
Ishida Ikebana Association
Mika Ishida
4th Iemoto (Headmistress) of Ishida Ikebana School

Aichi – Heart of the Performing Arts

Aichi prefecture is the center of Japanese art and culture. It leads the nation in extracurricular activities, where traditional culture is passed down to the younger generations.
The Kyoho Reforms, Meiji Restoration, and World War II were critical times for art and culture. Aichi became a place for art and culture to be gathered, protected and developed; therefore, Aichi’s esprit lies in evolving and inspiring the arts and culture to new heights during challenging times.
Even today, as COVID-19 has changed our way of life, the challenge is how to incorporate art and culture into our daily lives and inspire new opportunities during this time of crisis. Our video presentations is our answer to such a challenge.

*Aichi Prefecture will broadcast traditional culture performances on cable television and online in order to support traditional cultural organizations of Aichi whose performance opportunities have been compromised for reasons of COVID-19-related cancellations.


Bunkichi YasudaVisiting Professor at Tokai Gakuen University, Professor Emeritus at Nanzan University

Born in Nagoya on November 19, 1945.
From an early age, studied Tokiwazubushi (shamisen music) from his mother, Mojitowa Tokiwazu, and from his first year in elementary school, studied Nihon Buyo (classical Japanese dance) from Koisaburo Nishikawa II (Nishikawa School Headmaster)
After attending Tokai Junior & High School, entered Nagoya University School of Letters in April 1965 and studied Kabuki and Joruri (chanted narrative with shamisen accompaniment)
In 1977, became a full-time lecturer at Nanzan University Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Language and Literature; became a professor in 1989 after working as an assistant professor; in March 2014, retired from Nanzan University and became a specially-appointed professor at Tokai Gakuen University Faculty of Humanities and professor emeritus at Nanzan University; has been a visiting professor at Tokai Gakuen University since April 2019
Received the Society for Research in Asiatic Music’s 10th Tanabe Hisao Prize in 1993; received the FY 2019 Nagoya City Arts Special Award; became the 2016 National Cultural Festival Aichi General Producer.
Major works include Basic Research on Tokiwazubushi, Nagoya Onjiki Yawa (three volumes in all); supervised Geidokoro Nagoya; Doctor of Letters (dissertation).

Bunkichi Yasuda

Broadcasting Stations

  • ICC
  • Green City
  • CAC
  • star cat
  • CCNet
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  • Clover TV
  • Himaari Network
  • Mikawawan Network
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